Code of Conduct

We have established a Code of Conduct that reflects the principles of our development. All of our employees must comply with this Code.


We guarantee that all work is carried out at the maximum level of quality by our well-trained staff. We are responsible about the fulfillment of the Code by all staff regarding the work being done at premises in agreement with the terms of the contracts.

Customer service

We believe that customer service is the top issue in our operation. This is the reason it has set particular staff members with specific responsibilities. For further information please check out the "Customer Service Guide".

Corporate responsibility

We respect human rights and work in accordance to the principles of good corporate management. The company is committed to reduce the adversarial effects on the environment.

Safety & Health

We have presented our Policy for Safety and Health at Work. Our trained personnel respect all regulations. We monitor the indicators and the sizes which contribute to the improvement at work.

Insurance Coverage

We have insurance coverage for our personnel, equipment and materials used in the process of work.

Labor Issues

We are constantly updated on all issues concerning working practices and legislation. Our focus is on to ensure a minimal fee for each employee and meanwhile more benefits. Other indirect fees’ importance is recognized, such as the ongoing education or single parenting. We respect the privacy of employees and protect all their data.

Employee behavior

Employees must comply with the rules. Where there is no rules or regulation interconnected to a deed, each employee must act with responsibility. Whenever in doubt, personnel should contact their supervisors. Customers, colleagues and other partners should be treated respectfully.


We always use high quality materials and equipment which are appropriately maintained.


We compete fairly and do not participate in any kind of agreement on price establishment within the market. We are definitely not involved in arrangements or information exchanges with competitors in.

Customers’ and suppliers’ relations

We do not arrange anything with members of our partner companies or suppliers unless we have their prior consent. In case of the termination of the collaboration with a customer or supplier, this above-mentioned arrangement is valid for the next 3 months after the termination.

We inform our customers and suppliers, through appropriate mediums, for various actions. We ask them to take into account our principles. Customers’ and suppliers’ confidentiality are respected and their data is protected.

We evaluate the supply of products and services based on quality, cost effectiveness, environmental protection and safety.