Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of our company is simple. There are numerous channels of communication between various departments to ensure flexibility and adaptability for shifting needs. The organizational structure is depicted in the chart below:




General Management has complete power and responsibility at the decision making process regarding the company's strategy.

Customer Service is responsible for the customer requests. It also is the source of information regarding our work. Moreover, another function is to deal with any kinds of complaints or problems.

Management is divided into three parts: quality department, health and safety department and environment department, each of which is responsible for their planning, review and decision-making processes.

Commercial Department has undertaken the execution of corporate strategy development and is responsible for endorsing the services offered by us, in order to inform and appeal to new customers. The Commercial Department is responsible for the trade agreements as well as for the purchase of materials and equipment. This department works meticulously with the technical manager.

The Finance Department is responsible of the company's financial resources.

Staff Management deals with labor issues such as salaries etc. and the training of personnel.

The Technical Management is responsible for planning and implementing the work which is undertaken and by experienced scientific staff, project officers, and assistants.