Specialized cleaning of PV (PhotoVoltaic) Parks


Renewable sources of energy are a kind of energy that comes from different natural procedures, such as the wind, the sun, the circulation of water etc.

Their use, especially the use of sun energy, has been highly increased the last few years, due to the fact that not only it is not necessary for it to make specific groundwork, but also because it is highly friendly for the environment and do not cause any environmental waste.

Due to the economical benefits and the low installation cost, the creation of PV Parks has been highly increased, not only for private use but also for professional use.

The output of this investment depends on the clearness of each photovoltaic panel, so as to allow the sun rays infiltrate. The continuous care and cleaning of PV Panels is necessary in order to make them work at their full extent.

At Level-Up we provide you total facility management, including the specialized cleaning of your PV Parks. By using modern methods and professional machinery, specially designed for the appropriate cleaning of your PV panels, we provide you modern cleaning methods, depending on your specific requirements and needs.

According to our experience, we are your first choice on the section of PV Parks’ cleaning.

Click here for samples of our work

Click here for samples of our work

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